Wednesday, July 4, 2012

C.N. - chapter 30

Mr. Gable and Mr. Damien fought like Neo and Agent Smith in The Matrix, it was so astonishing their moves seemed to have been choreographed. I was deciding between Mr. Gable and Mr. Damien who was the Neo and who was the Agent Smith of this fight when Theo tapped me on the shoulder and told me to copy what she was about to do. She told me that I'm 'not that stupid', which I didn't understand and was puzzled about.
When she did the martial arts stunt and took down all four of the henchmen around her, I thought, I can't do that! I don't know martial arts, let alone a back flip. So instead I did my own move on the fifth henchmen; I was standing behind him, and just when he realized what was going on with Theo and his four companions, I kicked him between the legs, knee-cap to crotch.
The fifth henchmen way injured, but not knocked out. He took out a short knife from his pocket.
I said, 'Come on! I want a fair fight, bare hands!' I motioned with my hands for him to come at me. (I learned this move from observing dad pick bar fights when he was drunk, the other guy, knowing how dad is infamous for being a shrewd fighter especially when drunk, would always pick up a weapon like a beer bottle or chair, and that is what dad always say in return) 
'What?' The henchmen said.
'You heard me! Bare hands!' I mimicked dad.
'Alright,' He cracked his knuckles, 'Agreed.' And we circled each other and brawled.
Dad took me with him to a fight club when I was eight years old; he wanted to show me how to be a man. At a country fight club, there aren't a lot of rules, other than once the opponent is knocked out, the fight should not continue. Dad was a really good fighter, there are two reasons why: one, his knuckles are hard as rock, and two, he can dodge. I was surprised how few people know how to dodge when fighting, because dodging is a very effective way to defeat the opponent without breaking a bone. Most of the fighters just take turns punching each other in the faces until one of them gets knocked bloody first. Only one or two people at the fight club knew how to dodge a swinging punch, and dad was one of them. That was why dad was a champion at the club. It seemed I inherited the dodging technique and dad was proud of me.
I dodged the first punch swung by the henchmen and dealt a blow to his waistline, bringing one leg to its knees, and then he swung again, I parried, and got him in the stomach and then the chin. He swung a slow and misguided fist, almost defeated, I intercepted his fist with my palm and twisted it. The henchmen yelled out and fell flat onto the ground.
'Good fight,' I said. Immediately, two men came over and handcuffed the henchmen. Some of the men who were with Mr. Damien at the other side of the helipad came over running. I guessed Mr. Clark was now making his stand alone.
When I looked to the center of the helipad, the spectacular fight between Mr. Clark and Mr. Damien was still proceeding with ferocity, then someone yelled, 'Mr. North!'
Mr. Damien turned his head to the voice for a brief moment, and Mr. Clark seized that moment. He jabbed Mr. Damien in various parts of his chest and neck region, and the strangest thing happened, Mr. Damien suddenly froze in his standing position like a statue.
'I haven't forgotten my nerve attacks, Damien, it's good to get some practice one a real target once in a while.' Mr. Clark mused. The moment he saw that his henchmen were downed, a helicopter appeared in air above him. It just materialized out of nowhere, utterly unbelievable!
'My ride is here, and what do you know, I have a new hostage!' Mr. Clark said and put an affectionate arm around the frozen Mr. Damien, whose eyes could still move, and they were furious.
Theo's eyes were even more furious. She charged towards Mr. Clark, shouting, 'I'LL KILL YOU! YOU DEVIL!'
Heathcliff ran after her, shouting, 'I WILL PROTECT YOU, MY LOVE!'
One of the men who was with Mr. Damien, probably Mr. Kent ran after then, shouting, 'KIDS! THAT MAN IS DANGEROUS! LET ME HANDLE HIM!'
I decided to run after them too, maybe to stop another fight that might occur, they can always settle it with rock, paper, scissors, right? So I ran after them, shouting, 'ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, ANYONE?'

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