Wednesday, December 24, 2014

C.N. - chapter 81

I was surprised, but overjoyed, to be reunited with Theo. I mean, what were the chances that we ran in different directions on this monstrous submarine and still ended up in the same location? Either we were the luckiest people in the world or Mr. Dragon's submarine is so elaborately designed to always allow you to find the person you're looking for. If it was the second option, it would be fantastic because then Theo's grandfather should happen upon us any moment!
It turned out that the hatch leading to the main deck opened into yet another dim, deserted hallway. Dennis had been holding a pee for quite a while, so he went searching for the bathroom. As soon as his tiptoeing footsteps became swallowed up in the darkness, I heard the sniffling.
Then I heard a voice from behind one of the pressure-locked doors not far from where I stood.
'Theo? I that you?' I leaned against the door and whispered.
'Charlie?' That's definitely Theo's voice, 'Yeah, it's me.'
'We found each other!' I whispered excitedly.
There was a pause and some more sniffling. 'Looks like you found me.'
'I heard a sniffling. Are you having an allergic reaction?' I whispered intently, 'If you are, let's get you somewhere that's better ventilated.'
Another pause, followed by a muted chuckle, ''s not that.'
'That's a relief.' I whispered.
There was some shuffling, and more quiet.
'You know, Theo,' I whispered, 'finding you just now made me think, and I've realized something. This may be the greatest lucky streak of my life, these past few days has been.'
'Hmm?' Theo sounded slightly incredulous, 'Why would you call this lucky?'
'From what I see, everything has worked out to our advantage so far. When Wolfgang kidnapped you so he could marry you, Heathcliff and I arrived just in time to crash your wedding-'
'Hey! That was not going to turn into a wedding, and it never would have either, regardless of whether you two showed up or not, so don't twist the facts!'
'Okay, got it,' I nodded, 'So it was lucky because Heathcliff and I came just in time to cause a major distraction so you could get away.'
There was silence. I think Theo was thinking, so I continued.
'And then, Mr. Dragon came along and interrupted Wolfgang's original plot, so you didn't have to marry him anyways.'
'For the last time I was NEVER going to marry him! Don't make me repeat it again!'
'Right, I'm sorry,' I continued, 'And when we all got caught by Mr. Dragon, he invited us over to his place for a sleepover! I don't think that's something terrorists normally do, so it's another addition to the streak. And then, at Mr. Dragon's place, you found Laura's diary, which caused an emotional confrontation between father and son, buying you just enough time for your backup to surround Mr. Dragon's place. And also, even though Wolfgang got shot, we got medical attention to him almost right away.' I was running out of fingers to count all the lucky things that happened, and still had a long way to go, 'When we got to your house, we found the secret passageway that revealed Mr. Dragon's location, and also where your grandfather was. We also flushed out Mr. Dragon's informant, who was your brother, unfortunately, but who's to say our luck won't continue and he'll rehabilitate? We then met Laura and her awesome ninja henchmen. Then Mr. Kent revealed himself to be another one of Mr. Dragon's informants! Now I'm sure there are no more informants in your family, because I can't possibly image an informant being any more sophisticated than Mr. Kent. And we got picked up by Mr. Dragon's submarine, just in time so we didn't freeze to death in the ocean. And we successfully treated your hypothermia. And we escaped from the brig on this sub. And it turned out your grandfather is on here with us all along and sabotaged the ship just in time so we could all get away from Mr. Dragon's henchmen. And now,' I paused to take a breath, 'Mr. Dragon's henchmen still haven't located any of us! Isn't that just miraculous? Things are working out in our favor the whole way through. It's always Mr. Dragon who got unlucky, all his plans were interrupted. We didn't even put that much effort into making plans, and we were rewarded instead. If anything, I have a feeling our luck will just continue.'
Theo paused for quite a while before she spoke, 'That' interesting way to see things, but don't you realize? I've had absolutely no control over anything that's happened to us over these last few days, I try but I just feel completely powerless! How am I supposed to know things will work out when these are things I have absolutely no control over!'
'But we can't control what happens to us,' I pointed out, 'only God can.'
Another long silence.
'I didn't know you're religious.' Theo said.
'I've been going to Sunday school since I was 3,' I said, 'they taught me some very good things, like how God takes care of me, and makes sure nothing ultimately bad ever happens to me, and how even if something bad happens, it will eventually work out in my favor, because God is always helping me out, even when I don't see it.'
'I don't know if I believe that.' Theo said.
'I do. It's just that we've been on a lucky streak for so long. There has to be a reason why we always have the upper-hand. Looks to me like God's cheering us on.'
I sat in the silence thinking about something to say next. I think Theo did the same.
'By the way, thank you.' I said.
'For what?' Theo asked.
'For being a strong, independent young woman.' I explained, 'My mum always said: Charles, if you meet a strong independent young woman, you gotta congratulate her, because it's people like that who are going to take charge of the world and make it better, without the influence of some man. Because men have been running this world for a long time and they're doing a mighty atrocious job of it. It's up to the strong, independent young women like you to change the world, and you can totally do it, because you believe in yourself. Also, my mum said it, so I lend you my full support, even though you might not need it, since I'm a boy.'
'What makes you think I'm a strong, independent young woman?'
'It's obvious, because you don't want to get married, that's the first sign of a strong, independent young woman in the making.'
I heard tiptoeing footsteps. A moment later, Dennis appeared from the darkness.
'You were gone a long time.' I whispered to him.
'It was a number 2.' Dennis shuddered, 'I think it was the bad turnips I ate yesterday. Why are you crouched beside that door?'
'It's incredible. I found Theo!'

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